Parry’s Bio

Parry’s Bio is a division of EID parry which helps farmers to create profitable agricultural produce through safe and sustainable agricultural inputs. They produce Bio- pesticides, Fertilizers, enhancers and Micro nutrients with a vision for cost effective and environment friendly plant wellness products. The growth strategies of the bio – pesticides division expand into new market segments to intensify field promotions and register new variants. The future direction of the company is clearly mapped to leverage green synergies and to explore greener horizons.

Our Idea

Parry Bio wanted their branding to make a real impact within their specific market place also wanted us to create a logo for each of their products. The Davinci creative consultants took time to study the Parry bio products and their customer needs. We came up with brand identity logo designs to set them apart from the competitors, to reinforce trust and loyalty with customers which increased their business. The packages designed by Davinci creatives were so colorful and theme oriented which merged well with each of their product to explain their quality and importance graphically. The digital marketing team of Davinci Creatives designed the brochures, posters, leaflets for promotions of each product.

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