About Coastal Cleanup day

The Coastal Cleanup Day is an Annual Event which is conducting Worldwide to Cleanup the Coastal Areas, especially the Beaches. The main aim of this event is to Create awareness among youth and local population about Cleanup the coast/ rivers/ lakes/ water bodies, etc to showcase the clean coasts and for local population to follow with attendant economic benefits. Collecting valuable data on the types of garbage along water bodies, analyze them and take up with local authorities for low cost solutions to convert such garbage into wealth at the local level and Spread social messages of importance to the public at large.

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We believe that every interaction can be a defining moment. We are delighted to invite the volunteers for the International Coastal Cleanup Day on 16th Sep 2017. This Event will bring together the dedicated volunteers from around the world who are engaged in Social Work and Social Development. All are welcome to attend this free event but please register via the link given above to attend.

We invite the supporting organisations for the International Coastal Cleanup Day on 16th Sep 2017. General information regarding the event is provided in this site. For more information, Get in touch with us: 08056961823

International Coastal Cleanup, Results - 2017