Ecostadt Technologies

The main aim of Ecostadt Technologies at California, is to innovate a Natural and Sustainable products with reduced carbon footprint for Plant production segments, Green industry and Consumer gardens. They share the vision of global experts for sustainable bio-nutritional and bio-rational programs to make plant production effective, economical and ecologically responsible. Product innovation at EcoStadt is centered around agronomical benefits for growers with green and safe solutions.

Our Idea

Ecostadt was launching their organic fertilizers and pesticides in India and wanted Davinci Creatives to design the .

packaging solution for the products so that the customers understand their product value and importance.

Our passionate and experienced creative team designed a variety of printed wrapping materials with an attractive, concept oriented and creative design which serves to identify, describe, promote and make the product marketable. Using the latest technology we provide a full visual to ensure that their products packaging reflects their brand’s message and identity to the end users. Davinci Creatives ensured the creative design concepts and layouts which provided a positive impact on the company’s immediate and long-term marketing and success.

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