Fresh Water

Planted aquariums are our specialization. Under planted aquariums there are two major schools of thought, the Dutch style and the Nature style.


Dutch style aquariums are an older style of aqua-scaping, dating back to early 20th century Holland. The style focuses on neat rows of plants radiating out from a central focal point, with lower plants in front.

Nature aquarium

Nature aquarium style was pioneered by Takashi Amano in the last decade. The style of this type of aqua-scape is very much focused on nature and imitating both natural landscapes and snapshots of natural environments.


Cichlid Aquarium is an aquarium for Cichlid fishes. The theme is colourful and wild. African, American and Indian Cichlid fish are available. Cichlid fishes are bigger and aggressive in nature, so they are very active.

marine water

We do Marine aquariums that keep marine flora and fish in a contained environment, with or without live rocks.


A stable marine aquarium requires more equipment than freshwater systems, and generally requires more stringent water quality monitoring. Here is where we come in with the latest Technology.


This is a kind of setup half filled with water and the rest of the aqua tank can be dry with rocks and fountain, which will give you a look of water falls.

indoor landscape

Both under water and soil plants can be grown in this setup. Turtles and fishes both can live together in this setup. An ecosystem is created in this setup which you usually find in nature. This concept is adopted from scientists.


We setup Lilly and Lotus ponds with water falls, fountains and also with plants that grow both underwater and in soil, with fishes.

aesthetic ponds

Ponds require sunlight, so most people setup ponds outside their homes or offices, but we can also set up a pond indoors with artificial lighting. We take care of filtration systems, fish & plant health and pond maintenance.